Maximize Your Sales Potential with KDAN PDF Reader

Optimize your sales process with KDAN PDF Reader. Streamline document creation, manipulation, and management for efficient pre-sale, sale, and after-sale stages.


Boost Sales Success with Efficient Document Management


Pre-Sale: Simplified Quote Adjustments with PDF Editor

In the pre-sale stage, the ability to rapidly alter sales quotes and ensure their security can distinguish you from the competition. You can easily update information in your professional quote templates, such as the product information, price, and quantity. Stay on top of your prospects' dynamic needs in real-time.


Sale: Detailed Proposals Enhanced with Annotations

During the sales process, effective communication is key. With KDAN PDF Reader, you can create detailed proposals that are enhanced with helpful annotations. By highlighting important features and adding clarifying notes, you can direct your prospect's attention to the most compelling details. Once you have effectively presented your offerings, streamline the approval process with DottedSign's e-sign solution. It's easy to close sales in this competitive environment.


After-Sale: Seamless Document Consolidation & Security

After a sale, maintaining an organized record of relevant documentation becomes vital for smooth customer service. With KDAN PDF Reader, you can effortlessly merge related documents like invoices, warranty papers, and service records into one single PDF. This provides quick access and easy reference during after-sales interactions. Furthermore, the PDF security features ensure your customers' sensitive information is always well-protected.

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Regardless of the sales stage, KDAN PDF Reader is here to support you. We offer perpetual licenses, subscriptions, and SDKs. Ask our experts for more details.

Boost sales with these advanced features


Digital Signatures

Add digital signatures to your documents to authenticate them or send contracts to clients for signing remotely, reducing the time to close deals and enhancing your productivity.


Document Editing

Easily make necessary modifications, insert comments and annotations, or highlight important details within your PDF files.


Interactive Elements

Elevate the effectiveness of your sales brochures or product catalogs by adding clickable links, images, and bookmarks to make them more interactive and engaging.


File Conversion

Convert varius files to and from PDF format, ensuring a consistent and professional appearance for your presentations and distribution requirements.


Collaboration Tools

Maximize your team's productivity by seamlessly collaborating and providing feedback through comments, suggestions, and edits. Work together towards success with ease.


File Compressison

Share your documents with anyone, anywhere, and on any platform without compromising on quality. Reduce the file size and send them via email or any other medium with ease.

Elevate your sales process and achieve your business goals with us. We're only one click away.