How To Add Hyperlinks To PDF Documents? 

Adding hyperlinks to PDF documents is an easy and effective way to enrich documents with references, links, and external resources. Instead of having to search for additional information, readers can quickly access more information directly from a single file. It's simple to add hyperlinks to PDF documents, so you can make your documents even more powerful and engaging.


Introduction to Adding Hyperlinks to PDF Documents

With PDF Reader, you can create clickable hyperlinks and interactive objects that link to websites, pages, or email address within a PDF document. PDF Reader allows you to create tables of content, add Internal links, and make a section of references within your PDF file, which allow readers to quickly jump around the document. You can simply edit PDF documents and add link rectangle on the page. Use the options menu to set up advanced options for additional linking capabilities. There is no limit to how much you can enrich your PDF documents that is compatible with Adobe Acrobat documents.

Benefits of Adding Links to PDF Documents

One of the most significant benefits of adding links to PDF documents is that it makes them more interactive and user-friendly. By including a table of contents or appendix table with clickable links, readers can easily navigate to specific sections of the document or link to a source document without having to scroll through the entire file.

Moreover, linking to external resources such as websites or articles is helpful in providing additional context and information to readers. Adding URL links to PDF files can help in reducing the file size, making it easier to share files and view files through links. The link tool available in the PDF editor makes it simple to add and manage links to the web or source file in the document. Overall, the benefits of adding links to PDF documents cannot be overstated, as they help to make the reading experience more efficient and enjoyable for users. 

How to Add Links to PDF Documents with the Link Tool

Adding links to PDF documents is a simple process that can be achieved with the help of the built-in editor in PDF Reader. First, open the PDF document in the editor and locate where you want to insert the link. Use the link tool to create a link button or add a link rectangle, allowing you to select the area that you want to link from the interactive object. From there, you can choose the kind of hyperlink that you want to add, including internal links to pages, URL link, or link to email address.

The link appearance will be a clickable link rectangle. After that, you can add the actual link that the clickable link will lead to. Once you have finished configuring the link, save the changes to the document. you can use the options menu on the editor side panel to edit links, making it easier to manage links throughout the document. By adding links to PDF files, you can improve the reader's experience, making it easier to navigate and access files through links to external resources.

Tips for Add different types of hyperlinks in PDF Documents

When adding different types of hyperlinks to PDF documents, it is important to keep in mind the different options available. First, table of contents with internal links to pages can be added to make navigation easier. When you edit PDF, use the navigation pane on the top of the PDF Reader editor to insert hyperlinks, and select the page number you want to navigate to.

Internal links can be used to link directly within a PDF file while external links can be used to link out to other resources such as a webpage, social media platforms or other online sharing platforms. On the other hand, when creating a PDF form, you can add link to an email address to make contact easier.

Lastly, it is important to remember that the link rectangle will appear as a clickable link when viewing the PDF document in PDF Reader or Acrobat viewer so make sure it is placed correctly on the page. By taking into account these tips when creating hyperlinks in PDF documents, readers will have an easier time accessing information and navigating through the document.

Add Links to Different File Formats in a PDF Document

Adding links to different file formats in a PDF document is a great way to share information, reduce file sizes, and make the content more interactive. The type of link you create depends on what you wish to do with the file. With the help of cloud services such as Google Drive, it is easy to upload files online to get a shared link to add audio files, individual files or source files into the target document. This allows readers to get access the file content directly on a current document. Additionally, with the file upload feature, you can also attach other file types like images or videos with your electronic document.

Alternative Options to Add Hyperlinks into PDFs Using Word or Google Docs

Adding hyperlinks to PDF documents can be easily done using Microsoft Word or Google Docs. Both of these software programs allow users to add URL links from any online source or document to the PDF they are creating. This is a great way to quickly add relevant external references into a PDF file.

To create a link in either Word or Google Docs, simply highlight the text you wish to turn into a link and click the link tool located in the editor side panel. Then enter the URL address for the page you wish the text to lead to. Use the link tool to set up link properties and link appearance. Alternatively, if you need to include a list of links in a PDF form or create a form from scratch, then  create a spreadsheet and  use an online conversion tool to convert your sheet into PDF format. 

By using either Word or Google Docs for adding hyperlinks into PDF documents, users are able to quickly create links in editable formats and easily insert a direct link to a source file, which can improve navigation throughout their documents and add further context for readers.

Why You Should Add Hyperlinks to Your PDFs

Adding hyperlinks to PDFs is one of the best ways to make your documents interactive and engaging. By adding links to social media platforms, external webpages, or component files online, you can quickly direct readers to more information in an appendix table. This can be especially useful for business documents such as PDF forms, which often has restrictions on file size.

Addling links in PDF can be also be a security method to protect confidential information. Set up the link properties from the original source file with passwords or access control to add another layer of protection.

By providing links to component files, you can reduce the overall file size of your destination file while still providing all the necessary information. Links in PDFs also provide a way for readers to navigate between different sections or jump directly to certain pages. With PDF Reader, adding hyperlinks has never been easier!

Benefits of Using Kdan PDF Reader to Add Links to PDF



How to Add Hyperlink to PDFs on Mac

By adding links to PDF documents, it helps you to offer more details and information on specific items. PDF Reader provides 3 link actions in our productive PDF editor for you to easily connect with source documents and related information.

  1. Open the PDF in PDF Reader
  2. Click the Link Tool from the toolbar


  1. Drag a link rectangle where you want to place a hyperlink to the selected area within the page

how-to-add-hyperlink-pdf-mac 4. You will see a dialogue box with 3 types of link, including Page, URL, and Email.

  1. You will see a dialogue box with 3 types of link, including Page, URL, and Email.
  2. To jump to a specific page, simply enter a page number and add internal links to pages. This make is very easy to create a table of content or an appendix table


  1. To open a web page, choose URL and enter the URL link to the destination page to create a clickable link. You can link to an external or a file destination on cloud storage space, such as Google Drive


  1. To send an email, enter the email address that you would like to send emails to


  1. When you're done, you will find a clickable box around the link. Then you can link to a destination file, url, page or email address directly.

Links in PDF Make Your Documents Rich, Elegant, Vibrant.

Add links to PDFs and turn the plain old boring document into an interactive PDF with rich external resources.

Add External Resources. Let The Facts Speak For Themselves.

Persuade your readers with facts and research, by including references and links to the source files. Your message is much more concrete when the audience can quickly see the relevant facts and supporting evidence for your claims. This can be an ever useful tool for professionals from students to journalists, and in many industries.

For each reference, allow readers to quickly view the source document, by creating interactive hyperlinks for each footnote. Links can also be used to navigate your work. If you have large essays, persuasive theses, or booklets, your table of content can provide links to the exact location you want to link to. When you refer to a section or a quote somewhere else in your writing, an internal link to a specific page can allow readers to instantly jump to that location, and follow along much more clearly.

You can even include direct links to email addresses, so people can contact you or others as required, to learn more about your writing's topic. Make your research, articles, and other documents interactive, by simply adding a clickable hyperlink to an URL or component files uploaded to cloud service, such as Google Drive. Store the file in the cloud storage space to avoid large-sized PDF file. Your engagement will increase, and you will eliminate professors or critics asking about the evidence; it will be included right in your PDF.

Insert Hyperlinks in PDF to Sell With Style And Vibrance

In sales and marketing, the market is constantly evolving. Others are using digital tools to make it easier than ever for people to buy the products they want, when they want them. Make beautiful brochures and catalogues, but then make them digital. A PDF can be just a scanned version of a paper document, or it can be much more. Add email or social media platform links for customers to contact you right from your PDF document.

Create a navigation pane and link to the interactive tours of your products, right from the photo in your brochure. Link to the customer payment portal right from the PDF invoice. Make purchasing easier for your clients, with PDF Reader. Hyperlinks are a necessary part of making PDF documents interactive, and creating engagement with your customers.

It's been proven that increasing interaction and engagement increases the likelihood of sales. Gone are the days when customers would have to call, and relay a long model number to order exactly what they want to buy. Use hyperlinks in your PDF documents and get the best of both worlds: get the flexibility, versatility, and beauty of PDF documents, with all of your best designs, and get the interactivity of the web.

Organized PDF Document, Short, And Sweet.

When your documents are shorter, they are easier to understand, and foster engagement better than long, drawn out stories. There is a place and time for long-form writing, but it's not always in your PDF documents. Let's say you need to insert a document into a PDF. It can be done, but sometimes it can be distracting from the main content. Try linking files through links instead!

By making a hyperlink out to your referenced document, you can make your document more concise, more visually appealing, and easier to understand. In almost any scenario, it's recommended by professionals to make your writing concise. When you have a fixed amount of space and the reader has a fixed amount of time, how do you make your document still contain yet more information and usefulness. The answer could be hyperlinks. You can add different types of link to pages, URLs or emails.

Hyperlinks can be applied to images, text, or to basically anything else, allowing the ultimate in organization and creativity. You can link to web pages or even to somewhere else in the same document. The limitations are endless, so your documents don't have to be. Start now, and see how organized, short but sweet your PDFs can be.


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