How To Delete The Pages From A PDF?

You need to change an old PDF. Some light modification is required, that’s all. Discover how easy it is to delete pages.


Delete And Get Rid Of Unwanted Pages

Making custom PDFs often leaves unwanted pages. You can remove them easily with PDF Reader. Save only pages that you need. Economize disk space. Make your PDFs load faster. Trim out images or confidential information. Cut a PDF down to just the pages you need in just a couple of easy steps, which anyone can do in no time. We've made it a prominent feature, so you can intuitively get business done.



How to Delete Pages from PDFs on Mac

PDF Reader provides 3 options for you to rotate pages within PDFs.

  1. Open the PDF in PDF Reader
  2. Click the Page Edit icon on the toolbar to preview pages in thumbnails (Or choose Tool > Page Edit from the top menu)


  1. Select the page(s) you would like to delete and click the Delete button


  1. A confirmation dialog box will display. Click Delete to confirm
  2. Click File > Save on the top menu to save changes to the PDF


Please note PDF Reader will automatically create a new copy when you import the PDF to the app. All the edits will be made to the copy instead of the original PDF.

Why Deleting Pages Is Critically Vital

Get rid of every other page, every page but the last, or just one pesky error. It's easy to remove a custom selection.

Blank Page That Won't Go Away?

You've tried other apps, and yet you have that one unwanted blank page. You can't get it to go away, no matter what you try. It needs to be deleted. It might be the last page in a document, left from a printing error. In any way, you need it gone. PDF Reader can help with that. Whether it's a bad table, chart, or an inserted page went where it wasn't supposed to be, you can correct it easily. Deleting only takes a few clicks in PDF reader. You can delete a custom range of pages, which is very convenient, and allows you to even solve multiple issues at once.

Usually, a blank page occurs because of formatting issues in other apps, like with tables, paragraph symbols, or page layout. It can really be a headache sometimes trying to understand what the source of the issue is. With PDF Reader, you can insert in the corrected page, and delete the blank one, just like that! You won't have to worry about any unwanted marks on your final product. Delete those partial or fully blank pages, and make your PDF look just as it should once again.

Try Print To PDF 1st, Then Fix

Other office apps can be tricky. Some may even say insidious, when it comes to having a mind of their own. You don't have the time for that. At Kdan, we believe that your time is valuable. Have you ever tried just printing to PDF, then fix any issues after? If you have the problem with your word processing editor that your section breaks are invisible, and it's creating blank space, or the headers aren't right? Sometimes it's better just to hit print and get out of nasty situations. Once you import the flawed PDF document into PDF Reader, you can rest assured that you can make the corrections you need.

The best thing is that you can see exactly what you will get. With a beautiful, visual interface, you can enjoy your work. It's also super clear and intuitive, so you know exactly what to expect when you click. There aren't any hidden menus or buttons to memorize. Delete is easy to find, and easy to do. You'll have a perfectly formatted, no-nonsense digital PDF ready to share in much less time than if you try to fix it in some other word processing application.

Can't Open Due To Corruption?

Your colleagues have reported that your PDF document just isn't opening for some reason. Maybe someone used one of those other, clunky PDF editors to create, or even worse, printed it with software that is glitchy at best. Try opening it with PDF Reader. There's a chance that one of the pages in the PDF document is just corrupted. Remove that corruption by cutting it out. Delete it and clean your PDF. When you save, your colleagues will all be able to open it like a breeze, and it will improve speed too.

Some documents are just too complex or customized to have to make again. Instead of re-making everything, just make a copy, and delete what you don't need. You can save time. Other people might be using older computers, and PDF apps, so you should always try to maximize compatibility and delete pages which are suspect of any kind of issue. You're likely to get faster PDF files and smaller in size too. Did you know that corrupted PDFs can prevent sending by email? Delete the suspected bad pages, then send by email and see how quickly and painlessly you can solve your issue with PDF Reader.


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