How To Encrypt A PDF Document?

Create secure, password protected files with industry leading encryption. Safeguard your data and achieve peace of mind.


Lock Your Important PDFs With Password

Ensure that your data in PDF documents is not only beautiful and presentable, but secure and protected from the wrong prying eyes. Safeguard your personal information in any file type by converting to PDF and encrypting, and follow company guidelines and best practices by adding a password to sensitive files, so that they can not be opened by hackers or malicious actors. Use PDF Reader to encrypt.



How to encrypt PDFs on Mac

PDF Reader Mac version lets you encrypt one and more PDFs in a batch process:

Add Password Protection to PDFs

  1. Open the PDF you want to encypt and click Security from the top menu bar.


  1. Choose Set Passwords to add password protection to the PDF.


  1. Select an output folder where the encrypted file will be stored after it has been encrypted.


  1. Click "Add Files" to add more files if you need to set passwords for multiple PDFs in a Batch.


  1. Add a password to the PDF to prevent it from being viewed. Once the PDF is password-protected, you will have to enter the password each time you open it.


  1. You can also add additonal passwords to secure the content from being copied and printed by unauthorized access.


  1. Press Encrypt, and then the encryption will apply to all files.


Encrypt, Secure, and Safeguard Your PDF

Place your document's data in a safe, that only you and your trusted friends or colleagues can access. Encrypt PDF docs.

Best Practice Security At Work

Security best practices involve encryption in most cases, but every computer program handles encryption differently. Instead of requiring a multitude of different software, apps and potentially difficult to use tools, employ an easy to use document management solution, PDF Reader. PDF Reader includes all of the other tools you'll need to handle virtually any filetype, including PDF Encryption.

Use bank grade software encryption to add passwords to virtually any document type, such as Microsoft Office or iWork, by importing documents into PDF Reader and simply encrypting them. You can add a password and right away protect your company data, passwords, and sensitive, confidential information contained in your documents.

Sending unencrypted documents in emails is not only dangerous, but it could be illegal or violate contract provisions for security at your company. Make sure you're in utmost compliance by encrypting your files with PDF Reader before sending them or storing on a shared file server. Did you know that hackers might be able to read your emails and other information, especially if you use a WiFi network? Use encryption with any of your important files and protect your documents from theft and prying eyes.

Keep Your Files Safe For Class

You're a teacher or student, and it's important to keep your files secure. Password protect your assignments or test keys, and protect them from accidental sharing. Protect students valuable and private personal information. If you have any kind of personal document, or documents that contain private information, it's important to follow privacy guidelines and encrypt those documents.

Don't worry about using difficult to use encryption processes, apps, and other 3rd party programs, especially ones that only perform encryption. If you encrypt with PDF documents, chances are anyone will be able to open the PDF documents on any device, with just the password, and not requiring specialized software. Encrypting doesn't have to be difficult.

PDF Reader can handle virtually any file type, including documents from Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, and Excel, or even from Apple Pages, Keynote, and Numbers, and many more. Just add the documents to PDF Reader to convert the files to PDF, and have access to an industry leading tool set, including easy encryption. Store the most important assignments away from prying eyes, hackers, or competitors, and ensure that your work remains confidential. Keep personal information, passwords, contact details, or letters in a password protected file.

Digitally Safe Personal Docs

If you send any personal files or documents by email, they can be intercepted by hackers or people with malicious intent. You don't want to have your personal information held at ransom. Just add your personal documents and files to PDF Reader to organize them with class leading tools for document management, safety, and security. When you are ready to save your documents, encrypt them easily with a password. Encrypted files are stored in a special format which scrambles the contents, so that only you can read them. It works even with any other programs, like Microsoft Office and iWork.

Just add your documents into PDF Reader to convert them, perform your edits, and then encrypt them with PDF Reader. When you send files that are password protected, they can not be opened by hackers or malicious persons when in email transit, which is a major concern today as more and more personal documents go digital. You don't want your scanned documents, financial records, or even receipts or identifying information to be shared with the world. Especially if use WiFi, did you know that your information might be exposed? Use encryption whenever possible to keep your files safe and secure.


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