How To Turn Your PDF Into A Slideshow?

Present beautifully with a PDF Slideshow. No conversion required. Use PDF to present with style and professionalism.


Let Your PDFs Speak for Themselves

Make your PDF content the center of attention with PDF Slideshow. PDFs are faster, sleeker, and easier to share with others, and you can use the very same PDF document for presentation to colleagues and peers. In any situation, PDF presentations can be used to create a slideshow of content to share. Fill PDF files with pictures, rich content, and annotations, and impress your audience with ease.



How to Present Your PDF with Slideshow Mode on Mac

Slideshow mode is useful for presenting your PDF document, whether you're in a meeting with your clients or a discussion with a small team gathered around your laptop.

  1. Open the PDF in PDF Reader
  2. Click the Slideshow button on the top toolbar to turn the PDF pages into slides


PDF for Photos, Presenting, or Design

Create stunning photo galleries, present salient business slide decks, or captivate with thoughful design, all with PDF.

Create stunning photo galleries, present salient business slide decks, or captivate with thoughful design, all with PDF.

Showcase Your Best Shots in HD "PDF Documents allow you to share much more than just documents. They're incredibly versatile, with the ability to incorporate rich media content, like your favorite photos. You can arrange your albums just the way you like, and package them all together in one PDF, then present with PDF Slideshow.

Create a portfolio of your most favorite work in high definition, in all of its full-screen glory. Preserve every detail, and allow your friends, family, or audience to zoom in and enjoy every captured nuance of your photography. Your virtual art gallery and photos have never looked better than with PDF Reader. Organize your albums all in one place, by keeping your favorites with PDF reader, and switching to PDF slideshow view at any time. Re-arrange your photos, add snippets, text, stamps, and annotations, and personalize your virtual photo albums. Your friends can join in on the fun too!

Send your galleries and albums to your trusted friends, and they can sign, annotate, and add their memories together, all on one useful, rich PDF file. Rest assured knowing that these memories are protected and easy to backup and share with the Kdan Cloud. PDF Slideshow has never been more easy or fun than with PDF Reader."

Make Captivating Presentations

"Don't allow your work presentations to be boring. Keep the attention of your audience by employing speed and style with PDF presentations. Just use the PDF Slideshow feature of PDF Reader to present your documents in full screen HD.

Maintain all of the editing features you love at the same time, with annotation, highlighting, text, notes, and more. Show your best work, designs, charts, and materials in full screen, knowing with confidence how your work will be displayed. You can even easily convert your spreadsheets, text, images, or powerpoint files to PDF, to preserve formatting and protect your slides. Your PDF documents are optimized for the most efficient usage, and PDF Reader is designed to keep your PDFs backed up, compressed, encrypted, and still running fast. Don't use slow presentation apps to show your work reports, slide decks, and persuasive meetings.

Use PDF Reader to present full screen with slideshow. PDF Slideshow can even be used to showcase your content in full-screen video calls, with your favorite video chat app like Zoom or Meet. You can even send the slideshow to colleagues to present remotely, or share with them the link to the PDF file on Kdan Cloud. It's never been more convenient, beautiful, or effective to use PDF Documents for work and presentations."

Creative Design, Maximized

"Take your designs full screen with PDF Slideshows, built in to PDF Reader. PDF Reader is a great app for creative professionals, because of the immense variety of ways to edit and interact with your documents. Chances are, your designs are made in a 3D art program, drawing program, or other advanced tool, but your clients or audience doesn't have this tool to preview your designs.

Did you know that basically any program that can print is capable of generating PDF documents? Just print to PDF, and open right in PDF Reader! Switch to full screen PDF slideshow format and rest assured that your content will look exactly as you see it on the screen for presentation to clients and viewers.

For creative designers, it's important for every detail to be preserved, and for clients to be able to zoom in and see every nuance. PDF Reader makes this easy. When you're saving your PDF documents in PDF Reader, you can choose exactly how much detail you want, how large you want the file to be, or optionally, to add compression, encryption, password protection, and more features to your document. You can even add on a service contract right to the end of your design slideshow, and convert it into a living contract."


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