How To Rearrange PDF Pages?

Make PDFs work for you. Use existing pages to generate new, beautiful ones. Fix issues and organize with PDF Rearrange.


Move Pages And Organize Like A Pro

Some pages you receive might be ready to use, and contain great content, but not in the right order. Don't spend time trying to re-make documents if you already have them. You can easily rearrange pages to fit the formatting you want with PDF Reader. Because PDF Reader can handle virtually any file type, and convert it into a PDF, use it to rearrange pages in any document you need.



How to Rearrange Pages in a PDF Document on Mac

PDF Reader lets you rearrange PDF pages and organize them just the way you like it.

  1. Open the PDF in PDF Reader
  2. Click the Page Edit icon on the toolbar to see a preview of every single page from within your PDF (Or choose Tool > Page Edit from the top menu)


  1. Drag the page you wish to relocate and drop it where you would like


  1. Within this function, you can select multiple pages to move around simultaneously by holding down Command on your keyboard


Organize, Sort, and Re-Work PDF Order

You have PDFs or other docs, but they aren't in the right order. Easily rearrange with PDF Reader in many scenarios.

Enjoy Re-Arranging Work Docs

"Don't worry about the order of documents you use for work. Re-arrangement can be easy for you even if documents are not in the correct format. Use any document type, and quickly get them in PDF format just by adding to PDF Reader, and organize, sort, and rearrange pages however you like.

PDF Reader makes it convenient to allow flexible new workflows for business. Work around other software. Other office software like Microsoft Office and iWork require large amounts of training to master, and oftentimes, your business doesn't have the resources to train employees. Old versions can involve glitches and employees may lack the skill to master perfect documents. A potential work around is to import your documents as-is and fix them in PDF Reader.

Even if pages are printed or exported incorrectly, PDF Reader can fix them with ease, and without any training. It's intuitive and simple for anyone to make perfect documents, ready to share with clients and colleagues. PDF documents are more simple, easy to work with, and easier to secure, send, and view by anyone. Use PDF Reader to organize your documents with Re-Arrange tools, and access a multitude of other useful utilities for work."

Sort Notes In Class Like A Pro

"Taking notes in class in a digital format is a revolutionary approach to learning. Don't waste paper or waste time looking for loose pieces of information, like note cards. Don't spend any time looking for what day or time notes were taken, and enjoy the flexibility of being able to search your notes across all classes, throughout the entire time you have been attending school.

Digital notes are powerful indeed, but not without many ways to organize them. PDF Reader included BOTA views and class leading capabilities with bookmarks, table of contents, multi tab views, and deep linking. In addition, you can easily rearrange your PDF notes, assignments, and even textbooks and other pages.

If you have documents in ePub or Microsoft format, enjoy importing them as PDF and embedding them along side your notes, for the ultimate in organizational efficiency. When it's time to study, read your notes in-line with the textbook, and don't ever miss your place or spend time looking for notes again. Use PDF Reader to accelerate the learning process and write where you want. It's simple, easy, and requires no additional time to learn the software's features. Get more organized with PDF Reader today."

Keep Your Home Docs Together

"When you're organizing your home documents, it can be useful to add similar pages together, instead of having tons of separate documents. Similar to a binder, you can sort pages based on section, bookmark, or deep link. Keep the Contract for installation, inspection report, and user manual for home remodeling or appliances all in one document. Keep letters and correspondence together in one place. Bundle your receipts, bills and financial documents in one binder. You will need to organize them and rearrange pages, which is where PDF Reader comes in.

Along with its many other useful tools for home, PDF Reader comes with best in class Re-Arrange tools for PDF pages. Without any prior knowledge, you can rearrange PDFs, by simply selecting the pages you want, and drag and drop into place. It works with a multitude of other file types as well. Import your Microsoft Word. iWork Pages, and even presentations, spreadsheets, photos, or scanned documents all into PDF Reader, and access all of the useful tools available. Once your documents are re-arranged and organized the way you want, it will be much easier to read and review them, detect changes, or to find sections you're looking for. "


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