How to Unlock PDF Files?

Get ready to share with anyone. Unlock and open your PDF files to allow anyone with a PDF reader to share your content.


It's the Right Time to Unlock and Share

Your documents have been secured in secret, preserved, and sealed. In a document's life, there comes a time to unlock and share with the world. Or, maybe you just don't need the extra level of security anymore. Whatever the case, it's time to unlock. Kdan's PDF Reader makes it easy with PDF Unlocking tools. Open up your PDF without making copies or switching software. Do it all within PDF Reader.



How to Unlock & Remove Passwords from PDFs on Mac

By removing passwords from PDF documents, it will disable the restriction to view the content.

  1. Open the password-protected PDF file in PDF Reader
  2. You will be asked to enter the password before viewing the PDF


  1. Click the Security button on the upper toolbar


  1. Then choose Remove Security from the menu


  1. Select the output folder where you’d want to save the new decrypted PDF to and click the Remove Passwords button


  1. A new copy without password protection will be saved to the output folder

Practical Cases to Unlock are Boundless

Unlock to share with colleagues and friends, or unlock to share with your class. PDF Reader is open security, made easy.

Unlock to Accelerate your Team

It's time to give your team access to your password-protected documents. When information is going public and open-access, you need to have an efficient way to unlock your files. Many projects can stall because of too much security, inhibiting sharing, and acceleration of company workflows. Although some protection is always valuable, your team needs to accelerate now. Look no further than PDF Reader.

With easy tools for unlocking your password-protected PDF documents, PDF Reader provides you and your team with peace of mind. You know when your documents need to be secure and when they don't. When marketing presentations are still in the editing process, and then suddenly switch from development to production, you don't want to be left behind.

When embargoed content is set up to release on a particular date, password protection is essential, until it is equally vital that the information be made open. Ensure that your business processes match perfectly with your software and the way your team works. Set up everything as it should be and speed up the development of your collaborators and peers. Use PDF Reader to manage your business documents, and set up your security just the way you want, every time.

Unlock to Make Life Easier

Sometimes security is less about the tools you use and more about the habits you form. Do you need automatic locks on your doors if you remember every time to lock them? Sometimes, the tools get in the way of our efficiency and work, and it's for those times that we've made it easy for you to remove passwords on PDFs. We've made sure that you won't do it accidentally, but if you know you want to remove your passwords on your PDF documents, you can do everything in the same software you use for all of your document management needs, PDF Reader.

When you have personal, sensitive documents at home, there are real, legitimate reasons why you should lock them and keep them secure. After all, identity thieves and all sorts of information attackers can use your data to impersonate you, leading to property loss. But there is such a thing as too much security. If you receive a password-protected file from a friend, or you download one online and need to share it, why not just unlock it? With PDF Reader, you have the power to unlock any PDF. Your friends will be amazed by your newfound abilities. Just remember to use them wisely.

Use File Locking for School

File locking has a critical use case at school. Whether you're a student in 10th grade or a university graduate, you need a way to add more security to your files. When you're preparing your schoolwork, you spend a lot of effort into making sure your work is original and unaltered by the author. It's proof that you yourself are doing the work. When you turn it in, your professor or teacher can verify that no one else had access, if you have a password set.

But at school, it comes a time during every project to unlock. You need to open your documents when you want to collaborate with others. It's a vital process in any group project to share quickly with a team and contribute to the work.

For peer review, group work, or even sending it to a friend, you may want to unlock your PDF documents. Store them securely and unlock them easily when you need to with PDF Reader. Our team has made it easy and intuitive to lock and unlock files as you need, so security isn't a chore. Having the proper security level should never be a limiting factor for you or your team's work. Sometimes, the best case for security and efficiency is not to have a password at all.


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