How To Annotate A PDF?

Identify the parts of a PDF that are most important to your team and colleagues by adding markups or annotations. Use annotations to study and take notes more effectively.


Write Out Loud With Annotations in Your Own Style

There is a PDF document, but you would like readers to see it from your perspective. Whether you're sharing ideas with your teammates or commenting on your classmates' work, annotation tools let you add notes, comments, and suggestions, or sketch your vision clearly. Using different color and brush styles will help you stand out. You can customize PDF files with annotations, and PDF Reader can assist you in doing so.



How to Annotate PDF Documents on Mac

PDF Reader lets you make PDF annotations, including highlights, underlines, strikethroughs, handwritten notes, and more.

  1. Open a PDF in PDF Reader

  2. Click Annotation on the top menu bar to reveal all annotations tools PDF Reader provides.


  1. To highlight text content, simply click on the Highlighter to turn on the feature


  1. Drag over the text to highlight it. Then click the highlighter tool again to turn it off

  2. You can change settings of the annotation object from the properties pane on the right side of the screen


  1. To delete the markup, right-click on the annotation object and choose Delete to remove it from the PDF


Advancing Learning, At Work, Or At Home

Digital learning programs, paperless offices, and leisure activities can all benefit from PDF annotation tools. Whether you're at work, school, or home, you can use PDF Reader for a wide variety of tasks.

Keep Students Engaged in Class

Teachers can review electronic student submissions through the annotation tools, provide feedback directly to students, and move towards paperless classrooms. Faculty can edit PDF documents directly from their mobile devices or desktops by highlighting text, adding comments, drawing notes, and attaching images. PDF annotation tools help teachers highlight important points, inspire inquiry, identify student confusion, and streamline the paperless classroom.

Paperless Equals Maximum Efficiency

Whether you're a teacher, an office worker, or a student, PDFs are one of the major document formats you deal with every day. As part of a paperless team workflow, PDF documents can be exchanged between team members, and each member of the team can annotate, stamp, and add comments using PDF Reader. It is easy for everyone in the team to access the file and view the input from the other team members.

Easy Access to Digital, Remote, and Hybrid Learning

Education and learning can take place anywhere. PDF Reader's annotation tools can be used to support online and hybrid learning. With the freehand tool, you can easily explain and highlight content within a PDF as you give a presentation online. It makes the presentation/PDF more interactive than a static document. By using the annotation tools, you can improve accessibility and make learning more engaging for students.


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