How to Convert PDF to Word and Other File Format ?

Transform any PDF to and from various file formats, including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML files, ePub books, and more.


Convert PDF to Microsoft Office Document for Editing

Professionals work with PDF files to edit, share, and ensure the security of the content within digital documents. Whether working with PDF, Word, Excel or PowerPoint, you can use PDF Reader to convert files with ease.



How to Convert Files on Mac

PDF Reader Mac version supports to convert various file formats from and to PDF.

Convert PDF to Word and Other Formats:

  1. Open the PDF you want to convert and click Convert from the top menu bar.


  1. Press the Left or Right key (or swipe right or left on your trackpad) to choose an output file format from the carousel.


  1. In the Solution section, you can choose to convert the file using the Built-in converter or the Cloud converter.

(Note: When Cloud is the only option listed, the chosen file format can only be converted using the cloud service. Users with permanent licenses can only use the built-in converter).


  1. Hit Start to start the conversion.


Convert Word or Other File Formats to PDF:

  1. Switch to the Home tab.


  1. Click on the Convert card from the Office Tooleset section.


  1. Choose a file you want to convert to PDF (If the file is selectable, you can import it for conversion with PDF Reader).

  2. Choose PDF as the output file format. (File formats that are available for the conversion will also display on the carousel for you to choose from.)


  1. If needed, you can also click on the + button to add more files for batch conversion (Press Command to select multiple files when you're browsing files in Mac Finder).


  1. Press "Start" to continue


Take Any Document From Home or Office

Challenge PDF Reader to add and import virtually any document type, and perform any of the functions and tools of a PDF.

Find Powerful Tools for Work

When you open virtually any document with PDF Reader, on any device, you will have the ability to use any of PDF Reader's tools on your file, transforming it into a powerhouse of creativity, productivity, and interactivity. Use annotation, page editing, text, stickers, signatures, and more. All you have to do is open your file in PDF reader, and you'll have a PDF ready to go. Reduce the size and make your documents more efficient, or create large binders with bookmarks, hyperlinks, and more interactive components.

When you create PDFs instead of using many disparate file formats, you can rest assured that colleagues, clients, and co-workers can read and open your files without trouble. Use the cloud to synchronize your files, and they will be backed up as well, giving you peace of mind. PDFs are more secure, faster to open, and enable you to lock files from editing. You can even create legally binding documents and contracts from PDFs, including electronic auditing, right from within PDF Reader. Discover today what it's like to magnify your productivity and why over 50 million people choose PDF Reader for their document conversion into PDF Documents.

Grow Productivity At School

Don't worry about the format that any document is in, or whether you have the right program to open it. Just open it with PDF reader. By converting your documents to PDF, you can ensure that the most number of people can open your document. Stop having any sort of compatibility issues, and speed up the process of using your files. Use PDF reader's tools on any documents.

When you have a generic sort of document, like a spreadsheet or presentation, you might want to extract a single page, and send it by email, or attach an image and upload it to a website. Use PDF Reader to convert any document to PDF, and use its powerful tools to enable new workflows. Take notes on virtually any document, like your professor's handouts, and turn in PDF assignments by converting your legacy documents to updated, secure, convenient PDF files. Once you import your files to PDF Reader, your teachers or students will be able to sync with you on the cloud, and you can rest assured with the peace of mind of 24/7 backups for all of your documents, and the convenience of opening on any device.

Be More Creative At Home

At home, you need to organize and store a lot of documents, from shopping lists to contracts. Keep them all at hand conveniently and securely, with PDF Reader.

With support for most document types, like Microsoft Office, iWork, and many more, you can simply add your file to PDF Reader and get started with its powerful tools right away. Use PDF Reader's built-in PDF templates, or add your own files. Even if you only need a single page, or you need to combine many pages together, from spreadsheets, presentations, documents, and more, PDF is the most efficient, secure, convenient way to go.

You can use PDF Reader's convenient, creative toolsets to modify your documents, filling out forms, templates, and annotating with best-in-class note taking features. Send to your friends and family in PDF format, and know that nearly anyone can naturally open your files on almost any device, without needing to install any specialized software. Rest assured that your files are secure. Add passwords, encryption, and back up to the cloud. If you have any important files, and they need to stay safe, use PDF Reader's built in converter to convert, secure, back-up, and organize all of your important docs.


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