How To Fill In PDF Forms & Documents?

Dive in to e Signatures, complete surveys, and use less paper to get more done. Collect data efficiently with forms.


Fill Docs and Forms Without Printing

Remove the extra step of printing out your documents to fill in information. Form filling with PDF Reader enables more efficient workflows. Collecting information, collaboration, surveys, contracts, agreements, and more can be easily filled out with PDF form filling and PDF reader. Convert practically any document, spreadsheet and more to a PDF, then you'll have the power to fill forms with ease.



How to Fill in Interactive Forms on Mac

An Interactive form means it contains fields that enables you to select or fill in text content.

  1. Open the PDF in PDF Reader
  2. When you import a PDF with interactive forms, you will see a gray message bar that indicates the presence of fillable fields on top of the screen


  1. By clicking Highlight Form Fields, PDF Reader will automatically identify all fillable fields in this PDF with a gray background


  1. If there are fields don't display with colored background, you still can manually fill or add text content with text boxes alternatively


  1. To reset form fields, click Edit on the top menu list and choose Reset From from the context menu to remove all content from the fields


Note: PDF Reader will automatically create a new copy when importing a PDF to the app, and the edits you made to the PDF will be saved to the new copy, not the original PDF

At Work, At Home, Or In Class: Form Up!

Forms are an integral part of organized documents, and can be beautiful, stylish, and functional. Paper and stress free!

Reduce Delivery Time At Work

"Optimize the amount of time spent delivering contracts, forms, and agreements at work, and be a hero of efficiency. If your office is still spending time sending paper documents around by courier, stalling projects by hours or even days, you can save a ton of time with e-signatures, electronic PDF form filling, and instant delivery. Reduce your stress by sending unlimited copies of the form you need filled out, and track them along the way with PDF Reader-DottedSign integrations. Sit back and relax while you save time, and the environment too.

Any document can be imported into PDF Reader, allowing you to fill out forms that were scanned in from paper documents, part of spreadsheets, images, or even presentations. The options are unlimited, and allow you or your company to quickly make use of documents.

Use PDF Reader's built-in templates to quickly create many types of documents, with form-fillable access to each one making it easy to personalize and fill, send and get legally binding agreements, contracts, and other useful documents on the way. Your company will appreciate your productivity gains, and you can use the time to sit back and relax or accelerate your progress even further."

Maximize Educational Potential

"You can use the ability to form-fill PDF documents in the classroom, and save precious time for studying. Use forms to collect information in an organized, thoughtful manner. Save research notes in a form, so that you always know that you've answered the right questions. And most of all, fill out assignments right inside of PDF Reader. You can add your own responses to any place in any document with form filling. With just a couple clicks, you can convert any document, even a photo of a piece of paper or a whiteboard, right into a fillable PDF.

If you're collaborating on assignments, even better. Your teammates will be able to see and modify your filled responses and notes, and collaborate on a whole new level. Best of all, form filling to complete assignments requires no paper, so if you want to make things perfect, you don't need an eraser, just the backspace key. You can turn in your assignments instantly, enabling an easier grading process and giving students more time to focus on the content, not on delivery. No more messy handwriting, whiteout or eraser marks, or running out of space. PDF Reader is your tool with limitless possibilities."

Manage Your High Tech Home

"Technology has always promised to make lives easier at home, with the automation of many things that used to require manual labor, and the general elevation of the standards of living for many people. But along with its advancements, it has also brought more clutter, complications, and procedures than ever before.

Many argue that life isn't as simple as it was before. Legal documents are longer, and almost everything you do requires a contract of some kind. Rather than keep a stack of papers, or worse, lose valuable information about your home, try simplifying your life by using electronic form filling. You can use any document, photo, scan, or PDF with PDF Reader, and even take use of a large library of ready to fill templates, for many business, home, and educational purposes. Do your part to save the environment and use less paper, and eliminate the requirement to physically deliver your documents. You can easily take care of all of your document management needs with PDF Reader, and even sign legally binding and enforceable contracts, agreements, and many useful documents, all electronically with instant delivery. See how much time you can save with PDF Reader's form filling options today."


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