How To Merge & Combine PDF Documents?

Don't be stuck with a mess of too many odd documents. Combine several images, pages, or scans and make something new.


Merge PDFs For School, Work, or Home

Losing documents can waste valuable time. Reduce risk at work by merging PDF documents together. Whether you need just a page, or a whole binder-full, you can mix and match them together at your pleasure with PDF Reader. Simplify PDF pages by consolidating into one PDF. Add attachments to contracts, agreements, and documents. Compile lists of notes and assignments, and make reports like a pro.



How to Merge Two or More PDFs on Mac

PDF Reader Mac version provides 3 ways for you to easily access the PDF merger:

  1. Switch to home page and go to "Office Toolset" tab.


  1. Click on the "Merge PDFs" option.


  1. Select two or more PDF files you want to combine them into one.
  2. You can change the order by dragging the file and then press "Merge".


  1. Choose a destination folder to save the merged file. You can save it to the default PDF Reader folder or another one in your Finder.


Using Page Editor:

  1. Open a PDF document that you want to combine in PDF Reader.
  2. Click on the "Page Edit" icon on the top toolbar to view the PDF in thumbnails.


  1. Select the "Append File" option.


  1. Then click "Add Files" and add one or more files to the current PDF.


  1. Select a page range and a location to append the file (or pages). Then press "Append" to add selected files to the existing one.


Save Time And Stay Organized with Merge

Whether at Work, Home, or School, Merging is an important tool at your disposal, saving time and making better PDFs.

At Home, Don't Divide, But Do Conquer.

When you're at home, keeping tabs on your life can seem like a lot of work. Keep it all together by merging documents into a large, bookmarked, searchable PDF. Do you collect receipts? Magazine clippings? How about photo albums of your kids? You probably try to keep things digitally organized, but it's easy for things to be lost.

When these things are the memories of your kids, you don't ever want to lose them. Add them together into mega PDF binders, with lots of bookmarks, links, pictures, and perfectly preserved documents, so that you'll always be able to find what you need, and never lose what you can't bear to. PDF documents are portable, optimized, and easy to use ways to organize all of your at-home files. When things go together, don't be limited with another PDF editor.

Use PDF reader to merge documents together that need to be put into one file. Compile receipts and lists, keep your users manuals together, and store important documents for your home in one place. If you can merge them together, you can search them all together at once, and enjoy the peace of mind that you won't lose valuable papers over time.

Get Good Grades And Less Mess.

Making good grades isn't simple. You need to keep track of many assignments, deadlines and notes. Students often lose these notes because they aren't together, or if they are, they aren't easily readable and searchable. You might still have an assignment, but not be able to find the responses that go with it. It can be a real hardship, keeping loose leaf papers together. So why not scan them in and merge them together as a PDF.

Creating collections of categorized documents is easy, and you can carry a binder of bookmarked tabs and files, without needing the bulk. You already have textbooks in PDF format, so why not add your notes in-line, and merge them into one document. Save precious time so that you can focus on studying, not finding lost items.

When it comes time to turn in your assignment, many teachers are using electronic means to submit assignments. Impress your professors by attaching the responses together, and even including supporting references and other material you may have used. It's always important to show your work, and with PDF combining and merging, it can be easy and convenient to always keep things together.

Stay More Productive At Work

Many people are paid based on a project, and are certainly promoted based on their performance. The number of tasks completed in a given time is valued in any company. After all, it's the basis for the overall profit of the company, if everyone's tasks are efficient. That's why workers like you shouldn't focus on managing documents, but instead allow your documents to be conveniently and easily managed with a total document management solution, like PDF Reader.

Don't spend time trying to find contracts, addendums, receipts, or other attachments. Legally, addendums might be required to be put together. Don't use a stapler: digitally combine documents with ease. Use PDF documents like a file folder, and store all of the relevant attachments securely together. Files merged together can be searched as one, and sent as one document. Your colleagues may need to review your work, and the work can be done faster and easier with the ability to add pages to a PDF document from another. No longer will you need to send multiple attachments to an email or message. Just merge PDFs together and discover how clean, organized, and efficient it can be.


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