How To Sign PDF Documents?

Make legally binding, enforceable, beautiful documents with PDF Reader. Don't be limited by distance. Try e-Signatures.


eSign PDFs with Electronic Signatures

Suppose you receive an email with a document that needs to be signed and returned. Before emailing it back, we usually print it, add our signature(s) with handwriting, and re-scan it. Now you can sign documents in a faster, more efficient way with a digital process.



How to Sign PDF Documents on Mac

You can sign contracts, agreements, and invoices with PDF Reader by signing on the touch screen or trackpad.

Using the Signature Tool

  1. Open a PDF document and click Annotation on the top menu bar to reveal all annotations tools.


  1. Click on the Signature tool, and you will see a signature library where all of your signatures are stored.


  1. Alternatively, you can right-click on where you need to add a signature and choose Signature from the context menu.


  1. Choose one existing signature from the library.
  2. Or create a new one by signing on the trackpad, importing a signature image or typing your name.
  3. The signature will attach to the PDF document.
  4. You can resize and drag the signature to where you want it to be.


  1. PDF Reader saves the signatures you created in the signature library for future usage. Next time, you will sign a PDF in 3 easy steps.

PDF Reader provides 3 intuitive methods for you to insert your signature to PDFs on Mac with ease:



Use Macbook's trackpad to sign on PDFs. You have to toggle the trackpad option from the signing pane to sign with your finger or stylus. Then press Esc to disable the function.



Simply type your name on the keyboard, and PDF Reader will automatically convert the text into handwriting.



You can upload a signature image from your desktop and apply it as your signature to the document.

Looking to collect multiple signatures on the same PDF? Create PDF Forms with signature and text blocks for free!

e-Sign Any Doc, Any Place, Any Time

e-Signatures are by far the most efficient and convenient way to create contracts, binding documents, and agreements.

At The Office Or The Home-Office

More people than ever before use electronic means to go to work, telecommute, and get business done digitally. PDF Reader is a powerful document management system, allowing businesses to quickly adopt a large set of tools at once.

e-Signatures are one of those indispensable tools that allow businesses to conduct agreements and contracts, without ever meeting in person. With businesses doing away with large campuses, and instead opting for more spread-out formats for their personnel, and more people than ever before working from home or from distant locations, e-signatures are seeing a surge in popularity. Use one of the leading e-signature programs with PDF Reader. PDF Reader allows for document management, cloud storage, and signatures right on any PDF.

Any document can be signed with PDF Reader, which allows importing of a number of different document types, including Microsoft Office, Apple iWork, ePub, Open Office, and more. Just add your document to PDF Reader, sign and send, and your secure signature request will be on its way. When clients sign on any device, they create legally enforceable, binding documents instantly, just like signing on paper in person, but without any time, travel or paper required.

Better In-Person Signing

When you meet your customers in person, you don't need to bring the paperwork in a stack or a binder. Instead, take your mobile device and project style, savvy, and elegance for your company. Use PDF Reader to organize your contracts, agreements, and clients, and simplify the signature process. Customers love getting receipts via email, and PDF Reader's signature tools allow you to easily sign and send PDFs. And, if it's more convenient, you can bring the phone or tablet to your customers' hands, and they can pen their agreement with a finger or stylus.

Use PDF Reader to digitize your existing paper workflows, supporting a wide variety of document types, with signatures for all. You can even save signatures to use later, use a trackpad to create a signature, or import from an image.

Save all of your signed documents in the Kdan Cloud, where they can be securely synchronized, password protected, and encrypted. Whether signing in person or remotely, documents which require many signatures can be filled easily, quickly, and legally, allowing each member of the document to sign in the way that is most convenient for them.

Sign Any Document Type

It's a powerful thing to be able to sign any document, from any location worldwide, from virtually any device. Kdan provides a library of template documents for you, ranging from receipts to shareholder agreements. You can use any PDF or virtually any other document out there to produce high-quality, signed, fully enforceable documents for your company and clients. Don't be limited by excel and the print-sign-scan-email process.

Use e Signatures with PDF Reader to easily open your Excel file, maintain perfect formatting and sign or request signatures with the built-in signing tools. At your disposal, right within PDF Reader, are all of Kdan's extensive templates, with categories for you to find just the style and type of document you're looking for. All of these templates are pre-formatted to be form-fillable by PDF Reader, but you can also fill in any location on any document, with any information you like. Insert text, stamps, date, and specific items required for your company.

When you're ready, you can indicate with a virtual post-it or sign-here sticker, and send out to your clients or colleagues. Get the job done with convenience and style with PDF Reader.


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