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You want to hire a new, excited employee to join your organization. Attracting new talent to your company can be difficult, especially if your hiring ads and job proposals aren’t perfect. Use this Job Proposal Template to get the right sections and components you need to properly attract talent that is passionate about the job duties you have to offer.

You’ll need to do all of the proper research and homework first, but this template will give you a head-start and a useful framework. You should always consult a lawyer though before finalizing any contracts.

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A Job Proposal is a document that forms the offer for a position, typically found online on job posting sites, but also given directly to a prospective employee your organization intends to hire. When providing the job proposal to a pool of candidates, it is often the first communication they may have heard from you before any interviews, calls, or other letters. The job proposal then must be inviting and well written to attract the best candidates. Job seekers read over tens, if not hundreds of these proposals every day, so you will need to take care of how you portray your business to stand out in the crowd.

Making yourself stand out is still easy, as long as you spend time with the content, and put some thought into the person that might be applying to your position. Take some time to read the other proposals out there, especially in the industry or field that you are posting a job offer in. A job offer is often called an ad, classified, or simply, “posting.” By using this template to create your job offer, you’ll be starting ahead of many posters and companies that don’t put any effort into job postings. Many companies use automated systems to post jobs, which admittedly saves time, but is also apparent to job-seekers, and turns off the best talent to those positions.

Chances are, just by being here looking for templates, you are striving to make your job offers better, and we think you’ll be successful. If you have been interviewing candidates already, it might help to ask them in the initial interview about what initially attracted them to the position. If you’re getting a call, it’s because you are doing something right, however, you might not know what that is. Asking candidates allows you to focus more emphasis on the parts of the job that your prospects are interested in, and reducing the emphasis on the parts candidates don’t care as much about.

A job offer is not a strict, standardized document type. Many different styles exist, and typically they have a lot of variation. The style of a job proposal tells a lot about the company that creates it. Companies with a sense of humor might write job proposals that are even a bit entertaining. In some situations, like customer service-oriented job positions, companies might not want to attract prospects that are too serious, and so make the proposal whimsical and fun from the beginning.

One of the primary faults of many job proposals is attracting employees based off of the income alone. By setting up a qualifications list of certificates, degrees, or experience, and making the list longer and longer, many companies attract income-seekers, not job seekers. That is, many people are passionate only about the income that they might make, and are not the type to become engaged at the company they’re joining.

For some positions, the amount of income is almost enough to describe the position. If the job is essentially standardized, or considered a commodity, driven by the market, our template should be helpful for you too. Although we insist that employers should try to make new positions as unique and tailored to the prospective employees as possible, all types of businesses need to hire. A job proposal’s primary focus is setting up the parties to know what to expect, so that later when they start contracting together, there aren’t any surprises.

To avoid attracting these income-seekers into your interview process, try leaving the income parts to the very end of the proposal. Emphasize that you want someone who is passionate and knowledgeable about something which is critical to the duties of the position, and you will have a much better chance of finding a productive person.

There are many questions that you need to ask yourself, whether as an individual proprietor hiring for the first time or as an experienced HR manager. Depending on the size of the company, you might need to hire someone very specialized, or someone with broad experience and knowledge. Although the position described might be for a specific project or client where you need the additional productive capability, you should also look further down the road at how this person or role might be used in another project or function.

Being able to use resources in your company in a modular way is an essential enabling practice for your company’s growth. You can seem like a bigger company than you really are, by structuring departments and people to have multiple functions. By writing your job proposal to attract people who can wear multiple hats, or handle different roles and responsibilities, instead of just one function, you can insulate your company from risk. Your company may not be quite as good at one aspect of work but will be much better at adapting to changing markets and pivoting to different use cases of your products and services. You should incorporate this adaptability, especially in today’s highly dynamic times, by starting at the very beginning- the people you hire who make up your company.

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