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Landscaping Contract

A landscaping contract is an agreement between a landscaping company and the client. Landscaping services need to happen on a recurring basis, either weekly or monthly. For this reason, contracts can be very convenient, allowing for a long-term agreement between parties.

Good landscaping companies can standardize their agreements, and build a portfolio of many clients. In order to work for larger clients, a proper Landscaping agreement needs to be formed which includes legal protections for both parties and clauses as required by local law. More advanced fee structures can also be designed to provide discounts for good customers.

You’ll need to do all of the proper research and homework first, but this template will give you a head-start and a good framework. You should always consult a lawyer though before finalizing any contracts.

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Many landscapers do not typically have contracts when they first start with the work. Landscapers are often individuals who just want to make a little bit of money on the side, mowing lawns, pressure washing, or doing gardening. Landscapers often start out working for people in their local neighborhood. Because they might be people you know, you don't start with a contract right away.

Typically, these jobs are paid in cash, and new jobs come from word of mouth or Happy customers. The business works the same in that old customers need to have landscaping performed weekly or monthly. Without a contract, landscapers often charge different fees depending on the day or week and may not have very much management over the costs involved.

By creating a landscaping agreement, you can bring your business into a more professional way of working. You can define an hourly rate or charge by the acre or square foot. Easier work can be charged less money than more challenging work, and you can incentivize customers to order more from your company with discounts. Creating a contract allows your company to scale-up, hire new workers, and fulfill your licensing requirements.

Licensing your landscaping company is probably required by law and allows you to file taxes, as well as to perform larger commercial jobs. You’ll need to create a landscaping contract if you want to perform landscaping for another business and gain access to more lucrative work.

Besides working for larger clients, there are some other benefits to creating a landscaping contract. By creating a written agreement, you can lower the risks of contract disputes later on with your clients. You can define what the customer will receive every time you visit your customer’s site and correctly set the expectations.

Without a contract, customers may have expectations just because of the type of customer they are. Local conventions can vary dramatically from city to city, and some customers may expect dramatically different service than others. In residential landscaping, it's becoming more popular for residential developments to be managed by homeowners associations (HOAs).

These homeowners associations usually have stringent guidelines for landscaping. Penalties can be expensive, and landscaping companies need to meet these guidelines or take responsibility for the penalties charged. If you include the homeowners association guidelines in your Landscaping contract, you agree to perform certain activities for your clients.

Large-scale then escaping contracts come in multiple different varieties. Some deals are vague and allow for variations on request from the customer. These contracts are usually more expensive because they will enable the customer to make modifications whenever they like. The additional cost involved is integrated into the contract price.

Other, less expensive contracts are more efficient because they Define the standards and qualifications for all of the services upfront. If customers wish to purchase additional services, or if other services are required, additional fees can be defined on the contract. Customers can either opt-out or opt-in to these additional fees ahead of time. This allows the monthly cost to be easily calculated by both the customer and by your company.

It's not difficult to create a landscaping contract. Landscaping contracts need to have many of the same Clauses and Provisions of other independent contractor agreements. The listing of parties, description of the location, description of the services rendered, the definition of the consideration or payment, governing law, and contract execution, are all standard Clauses that need to be included in almost every contract.

Landscaping contracts are more variable than some other agreements. Because of their service-based nature, they can be scaled up or down. Large-scale contracts should have some discount capabilities, such as discounts above a specific purchase price. This incentivizes your customers to purchase more services from you. You can also include more pricing incentives in your contract to pay for your company.

For example, you can include a discount for your services when customers order online. This can make it more convenient for your company to source more work. It can lower your costs for operation and marketing, and so it can be beneficial for you. You can also offer discounts for long-term contracts or for agreements that last multiple months. In general, the larger the deal, the larger the discounts should be.

Some special clauses and provisions can be useful in a landscaping contract. Dispute resolution and arbitration clauses are always recommended for such agreements. Dispute resolution dictates the actions which will be taken in the case of an argument over the contract. Rather than beginning a lawsuit with the lawyer involved, dispute resolution clauses usually dictate that customers need to make a reasonable attempt to resolve any disputes outside of court before hiring a lawyer.

If the disputes cannot be solved without a lawyer, arbitration allows for a lawyer to be present, but not for the conflict to proceed to a court. As the second stage of dispute resolution, arbitration can significantly reduce the cost of disputes if included in the contract. For example, if the customer determines that a landscaper permanently damaged part of their property, the repair cost will consist of a lawyer's fees, if stipulated in the contract. Although such situations may seem unlikely, It's always important to try to include them and reduce future costs if possible.

Other causes such as the force majeure clause can help protect the contractor from certain events. Flooding, storms, or other natural disasters that are likely to cause damage to landscaping property shouldn't be the responsibility of the landscaping company. By including a clause that limits your risk as a company, you can protect yourself from lawsuits later on.

One of the best reasons to have a landscaping contract is to have a single place to keep all of the instructions for what to do at a specific property. Homeowners or property owners can stipulate specific chemicals to apply to their plants, define more complicated procedures and generally include the specification required for more detailed landscaping management.

When you start to work for commercial properties, some of them are likely to be managed by a franchise. Son franchises have strict guidelines and rules about how the Landscaping needs to be done. If you want your company to be able to handle larger, more complex projects, you'll need to start working with landscaping contracts.

This landscaping contract template is highly customizable and allows your clients or you to provide the required level of details for high-quality services. As a PDF template, it is easy to edit, fill in the forms, and even electronically sign. When you need to store the finished contract in your records, the PDF document is ideal for encrypting and safe storage with a password.

If you have received or desire to issue any legal document, you must consult a lawyer. Kdan Mobile provides this template for educational purposes only, and you are always responsible for the creation of any legal agreements you sign. By clicking "download," you agree to indemnify and hold harmless and inure Kdan Mobile for any damages incurred due to the use of the said template for commercial purposes.


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