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Non-Compete Agreement

When you need to start making agreements with a supplier or distributor, or when you need to share information about your products and services with an outside company, you may need to begin writing contracts such as this Non-Compete Agreement. A non-compete agreement protects your products and services from being sold without your knowledge, and your company’s partners will know what they should and should not do with your company’s private, confidential information. You’ll need to do all of the proper research and homework first, but this template will give you a head-start and a good framework.

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With this Non-Compete Agreement template by Kdan Mobile, you will be able to start working with a third party company and know that your products and services are secure. Your company can begin to find partners to build products and services, and have a mutual understanding about what products belong to your company, and should not be shared outside the organization. Defining the ability to sell products or the restriction on the sale of those products is one of the core tenants of any business-to-business partnership, and your company will surely benefit from the establishment of these agreements early on into any relationship. This fully-featured Non-Compete Template by Kdan Mobile is versatile enough for any project large or small.

** If you have received or desire to issue any legal document, you must consult a lawyer. Kdan Mobile provides this template for educational purposes only, and you are always responsible for the creation of any legal agreements you sign. By clicking “download” you agree to indemnify and hold harmless and inure Kdan Mobile for any damages incurred as a result of the use of said template for commercial purpose.


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