How To Add Pages To A PDF Document?

Customize and assemble the perfect PDF by adding pages. Learn how to easily edit and add new parts to PDFs as you need.


Freedom to Always Add More Pages to PDFs

If you don't know how many pages you'll need, or if you need to expand your PDF document with more sections, don't worry. PDF Reader is the tool that allows you to always add more pages when needed. Import your documents from virtually any file type, and add them to your PDF of choice. You can rest assured that your formatting will be preserved. Enjoy the freedom to make changes again any time.


How to Insert Pages to a PDF on Mac

When inserting pages, you can choose whether to insert a blank page or a rang of pages from another PDF file:

  1. Open the PDF in PDF Reader
  2. Click the Page Edit icon on the toolbar to preview pages in thumbnails (Or choose Tool > Page Edit from the top menu)


  1. Click the Insert button


  1. In the Insert Pages dialog, you can choose either to add a blank page directly or select another PDF to insert to the current PDF
  2. Specify where the pages should be placed within your file and press Insert


More Pages at Home, Office, or in Class.

More is almost always better. Less switching apps is better too. Enjoy the ability to add pages, built-in to PDF Reader.

More Pages. More Personal.

When you can add pages to your PDFs, as many as you need, the possibilities grow for your home use, and for your personal files. Keep your document storage simpler, by adding pages onto your PDF files, rather than making new ones every time you need to add some new information.

Do away with large binders or folders of documents. Just add the new pages to the existing PDF. Insert scanned pages, add pages of receipts, or even photos from your phone or camera. Download PDFs from the internet, or use PDF Reader's built-in library of templates. The best thing is, you can mix and match, add your personal touch, and just add pages to the end or wherever you need in your PDF documents.

Your home document storage has never been more efficient, simple, or organized, then it is with PDF reader. At Kdan, we want you to have all of the tools you need with PDFs, right within one app. You don't need to open another type of software to edit, combine, merge, or even add pages. Do it all right here in PDF Reader, and enjoy the extra time, simplicity, and efficiency it brings you with your personal documents.

One More Page. One Less Step.

Businesses today are increasingly putting pressure on employees to train constantly with new software, hardware, and technological mechanisms to become more efficient. Time is the most precious resource for a lot of companies, and any way to reduce the amount of time spent on a task is very valuable. At Kdan, we want your company to have success, so we've made our apps as simple and efficient as possible, without sacrificing any features. In fact, we have designed our PDF Reader to do much more than just read PDF documents.

It's the only PDF document application you need at your company, with the abilities of a full-fledged editing and document management system application. Now, enjoy even more efficiency gains with the built-in page adding with PDF Reader. If you had to add a page to a PDF before, you would need to convert the document to Word or another application, then add pages together, then print again to PDF. No more. Eliminate all of those lengthy steps and do everything in one app, PDF Reader. We've included merge, combine, compress, unlock, and add pages as tools you will need with PDFs. PDF Reader is ready for business, and all of your needs, all in one simple application.

The Tools You Need for Class

All of the tools you need for the classroom are included right within PDF Reader, including its intuitive add-page options. We have all had the experience of using the print-to-PDF functions of another PDF application, only to realize that it was too early, and the document isn't complete. Needing to crunch and get an assignment done at the last minute is one of the main aspects of classwork. Sometimes, your best work is done when you're under extreme time limitations. But, your applications you use don't have to be difficult. Simplify as much as possible, and see the results with faster tasks and easier completions of your assignments. Don't waste time learning several different applications for managing your PDF documents.

If you use PDFs, you know that they can be great for sharing with classmates, teachers, and posting online. But, costly editing software can get in the way of customizing your PDFs, updating them, or making changes to them when you should. Introducing PDF Reader, with its full suite of editing tools, including adding pages to PDF. Adding pages to PDF documents is something every PDF editor should include, because it's a small task, and shouldn't require making a whole new PDF document. Enjoy the simplicity of design and ease of use, and start using PDF Reader's full suite of editing tools to manage your PDFs exactly the way you want them.


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