Create PDF, Easy and Simple

Create PDF documents with confidence using PDF Reader. Our comprehensive PDF solution make it simple to create high-quality PDF from scratch or turn documents into professional PDF files with the PDF conversion options. Advanced features like password protection and annotations add an extra layer of security and professionalism. With the simple and intuitive PDF creator, even those with no experience can create high-quality PDF files with ease. Start creating Acrobat Reader compatible PDFs like a pro, and easily share files in PDF format.


When you want to make a new PDF document, use PDF Reader's all-in-one PDF solution to intuitively edit new PDF files. Our editor includes text, pictures, forms, annotation, and more. Or you can take advantage of our PDF conversion options to create a PDF from various file formats.

How to Create a PDF Document

To create a high-quality PDF file for electronic distribution, use a PDF editor or to convert the original file to PDF format or create from scratch. Set up the PDF properties, document language, security settings and document structure. This will ensure compatibility and maintain the intended formatting for easy viewing on any device.

Create a Blank PDF from Scratch

To create a PDF from scratch, use the PDF editor to create a new file and input the source file, such as text, images, and active links. The editor gives you additional tools to edit document structure and arrange the layout to convert it into a PDF of unlimited file size. Some tools even allow for the addition of digital signatures or form fields or add links in PDFs, and offer various PDF conversion options to fit the needs.

Add Texts and Images to a Blank PDF

Add image files to a blank PDF with ease. You can edit images as needed before inserting them into the PDF document. Adjust the layout to optimize the representation for content.

Create PDF with PDF Conversion Options

Converting files to PDF documents involves using a file conversion tool to change the original file format into a PDF format. There are various types of files that can be converted, including images, docs, spreadsheets, etc. Adjusting conversion settings based on the source file can result in a better outcome. Select output format from the file type dropdown list.

Optimize the PDF Document with Design Tools

Creating a PDF document can be a daunting task, especially if you are unfamiliar with the various tools and techniques available. Fortunately, there are many design tools available to help optimize your designs in PDFS for maximum impact. With these tools, you can easily customize fonts, formatting options, document structure, interactive objects, action buttons, and even add links in the PDF.

Scan to create PDF searchable texts

Scanning documents to create PDFs with searchable texts is an easy and simple process. Our OCR tools allows you to extract texts from scans. You can easily search and find important content from PDF through the entire document.

Secure PDFs with Passwords for Business Security Policies

Secure PDFs with passwords can prevent unauthorized access to sensitive content and control PDF accessibility. The original file remains protected with enhanced security settings. The security method can be customized with security policies and security settings for maximum security. An overview of security risks and PDFs accessible with passwords is recommended for secure handling of sensitive information.

Merge Multiple PDF Files to Create a PDF Document

Merge multiple PDF files to create a single document while preserving content from each component file. Maintain balance between file size and original document format. Easily add unlimited additional files for batch file processing. The source file remains intact through batch file processing and zipping. This comes in handy when compiling multiple files, getting signatures in bulk or requesting signatures on mobile. Send out e-signature request or make hard copies with print production tools that allows receptients to sign PDF documents with ease.

Create a fillable PDF Form from Scratch

To create a fillable PDF form from scratch, familiarize yourself with PDF form field basics and utilize the form tools to create form fields. Add flowable text fields, form buttons, check tools, or links in PDFs. With attention to detail, you can easily set up PDF form field properties create a functional and professional form from scratch.

Why Choose Kdan PDF Reader to Create PDF Documents

  • Create with a Powerful PDF Editor: Kdan PDF Reader comes with powerful editing features that allows you to create a PDF document from scratch, or edit an existing document. Use the creator tools to add images to PDFs, add hyperlinks in PDFs to attach additional files, or create table of content with clickable links.

  • Highlight what matters: Use the annotation tools to add notes, comments, or instructions on the document. This comes in handy when asking others to review a document or assigning where you want them to add electronic signatures.

  • Manage PDF pages and sizes: Take advantage of PDF Reader's flexible page editing features to split pages, merge multiple PDFs into a single document, delete pages, rearrange pages, or add pages to a PDF document. This allows you to create or edit content from existing documents.


How to Create PDF Documents on Mac

PDF Reader Mac enables you to create PDF documents directly from within the PDF Reader app.

  1. Download PDF Reader Mac version and launch the app
  2. Click on the File menu from the application title bar and select New


  1. You can choose to create a new PDF by importing a blank page, clipboard content, web page, images, a source file, or component files from Mac Finder.


  1. Then PDF Reader will directly open the new PDF after conversion

Discover the Power in Simplicity

Sometimes, the simplest answer is the key. With PDF Reader, everything works as expected. Now you can focus on creating.

Create Powerful Inspiring Work

At the office, we all want to create something that inspires others, that effectively communicates our vision, and that grows with our team. It's about being able to convey the ideas that are held by your imagination to a medium, and to preserve this medium as well as possible until it can be presented to other people. We think the perfect medium for you is PDF. PDF Documents can be opened by virtually any device, and any user, regardless of skill level. They are built in to websites, applications, and operating systems.

Leverage this power in the world of productivity by breaking down the barriers to ease of use. The first thing to remember is that it's not hard to make PDFs from scratch.

With PDF Reader, you can make any PDF document you desire, including highly structured documents, drag-and-drop elements, forms, and even annotations. You can easily add images and edit the PDF, just like with familiar applications like Microsoft Word. Or you can create a contract with security methods and request e-signatures. When you're ready to send your PDF, you can upload it to the cloud and make it easy to access with one click. To create a PDF from scratch, use a PDF editor. Simply select the type of file, such as text or images, and let the editor convert it into high-quality PDF files. The process is easy and efficient, you can use the security settings to ensure that your file is in a secure and universally accepted format. Your work has never been shared faster or with less hassle than with PDF Reader and this versatile document format.

Take your Inspiration Further

You're always being inspired, and now it's your time to create. With PDF Reader, you can follow your intuition and focus on making your imagination seamlessly flow onto the virtual page. PDFs are ideal for artists and creative people, because they maximize quality and the easy ability to share your documents, files, PDF articles, and products. You can use the tool for PDFs to create stunning documents, and send your art to your friends and family. With very little expertise, they can open and enjoy your creations in vivid detail.

PDF documents preserve your work and the source file down to the finest elements, and can be used for print quality files. Printing shops often use PDF as their file type of choice, emphasizing the ability to preserve the colors, shapes, and original quality of the documents, with the capability to scale to any printing size.

With PDF Reader, we've made it simple to create with your favorite PDF tools. You can easily use the drag-and-drop method to create a PDF file from scratch, or take advantage of the PDF conversion options to create Adobe Acrobat compatible document. Of course, at home, managing your documents with PDF Reader has never been more simple. Take advantage of cloud storage, encryption, and security to make sure that your creations are secure and backed up on Kdan's fast cloud system.

Your Perspective, Your Creativity

When there's no barrier to your clarity of vision, you can create persuasive pieces that show others the ideas in your mind, and hone the craft of storytelling and the art of discourse. In the education world, ideas are king, and your ideas should be as clear and pure as possible. Your voice and style might not fit into a box like Microsoft Word or Powerpoint.

With PDFs, say goodbye to conventions. Your creativity starts now. In the classroom, the persuasive quality of project proposals depends on the clarity of intent. With PDFs, you can edit the style of your documents just the way you want, and easily drag and drop other files in, add text, forms, or even annotate and draw right on the page. Making documents should feel natural, and we've incorporated many ways so that you can easily convey the knowledge you need to. Teachers and students can easily share documents back and forth, and PDFs can be opened by nearly any person on any device.

If you need to make some quick edits or create new PDF documents entirely from scratch, use PDF Reader to get it done. Save files in the cloud to ensure that they're backed up and secure, and share with just one link. With convenient features like these, you can spend your precious time on making documents just the way you like.


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