How to Search PDF Documents

Quickly find information in even the longest of PDF Documents. As intuitive as it should be. Search with to PDF Reader.


Explore PDFs with Search That Just Works

You want to be able to navigate your PDF documents, easily finding what you want. You need PDF search that just works. PDF Reader includes a robust set of editing, reading, and navigation tools to make it more comfortable for you to get what you need from your PDF documents. Search is fast, accurate, and easy with PDF Reader. It's built for you, to make navigation easy, even with larger documents.



How To Search PDFs on Mac

You run searches to find specific items in PDF Reader. Please note that not all PDF files contain searchable text. If the PDF was originally made from an image, the text content will not be searchable.

Search for Words or Phrases in a PDF

  1. Open a PDF in PDF Reader
  2. Click the Search tool from the top toolbar (If you can not see the Search icon, right-click on the toolbar section and drag it to the toolbar. Or you can press Command+F)


  1. In the Search window, type your search term inside the text box and hit the Search button to execute the search request


  1. The search results will be highlighted in yellow and displayed on the left side of the screen


  1. Click the result you're looking for, and it will jump to the page where it is located


Search for Files Inside the App or on Kdan Cloud

  1. Switch to the Management mode
  2. Whether in the Documents tab or in the Kdan Cloud window, type the text (file name or author name) you want to search for in the Search field in the upper-right of the window.


  1. Click the file to open the PDF (or download it directly if you run searches in the Kdan Cloud window)

Better, Faster Search, for any Occasion

No matter what, you need to find the thing you're looking for fast, and you need your tools to be accurate and easy.

Your Work: Fast and Precise.

"PDF Reader is a leading PDF Editing and Document management suite for professionals that get work done. It includes all of the working tools that the pros need to assemble beautiful documents day-in and day-out.

PDFs are becoming more and more popular in the workforce, for their simple sharing options, encryption, small size, and more. The applications you use at the workplace are getting more and more complex, bigger, and slower. Not PDF Reader. It's designed for simplicity, but it has all of the tools you need in one place. Kdan knows that your time is valuable, so we've included everything you need for PDF document management, editing, and reading, all in one app. No longer will you need to tab out into another application, just to execute a simple task.

Searching PDFs is one of those elements. It's a simple procedure, but important, and we've put our attention in making it seamless, accurate, and fast. You will be able to search any size PDF document, quickly and accurately, with PDF Reader. When you've found what you're looking for, use the best-in-class annotation, bookmarking, and sharing functions to save what you've found."

Take Your PDFs Home to Explore

"PDF Reader is an application tuned for many varied and diverse users. Don't restrict its professional utilities to just work. Bring your PDFs home with you and enjoy the ability to navigate, discover, and explore rich content, right from the comfort of your couch. PDF Reader is designed to be used in several modes: Reading, Editing, and Assembly. Search effortlessly in all forms.

Whether you need to detect what pages you need to extract from a long document, or hone in on recipes in a long cookbook, search saves you time. Scrolling is as easy and comfortable as it can be in PDF Reader, but you want an even faster way to get right to the word that you need. You can search for it and navigate, explore, and discover more in the deep content that is possible with PDFs.

Now, you store all of your PDF documents in the Kdan cloud, backed up and secure. Search through all of them and find the phrase you're looking for instantly with PDF Reader. It's so convenient, accurate, and quick, you'll find yourself using search all the time. And since it's part of a growing set of comprehensive tools in PDF Reader, its usefulness is just getting started."

Carve out More Time to Study

"Studying takes a lot of time. With all of the progress in technology that our civilization has achieved over millenia, we still learn at roughly the same pace that we did some 10,000 years ago. More and more information needs to be assimilated into your mind in order for you to be called a professional than ever before. So when you call yourself a student, everything you do needs to be faster, less wasteful, and more efficient.

Reading PDFs takes a considerable amount of time in school. Whether or not you're reading and grading student assignments or scientific journal articles, PDF documents are the preferred way to share files between your peers. We at Kdan know that PDFs are your favorite way to consume vast amounts of knowledge, so we've made the experience of reading as comfortable and intuitive as possible.

And for the times when you just need to find some information, our search functionality just works. It's fast, intuitive, and accurate. You won't have any trouble searching all of your PDF files, especially if you store them in PDF Reader's document management tools, with backups and organization right in the Kdan Cloud."


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