How To Write On PDF Files?

Write on top of any document. Annotate, highlight, circle, draw, and add your impressions, thoughts, and perspective.


Write Naturally on PDFs, No Paper Needed

Have you migrated to a digital document workflow? If you're still looking for a way to naturally interact with virtually any document, look no further. Use your stylus or finger to write on any document, by opening in PDF Reader. Share your annotations with colleagues and teammates, deliver natural presentations, and keep your comments separate, with vibrant colors and personalization options.



How to Write on PDFs on Mac

PDF Reader lets you add comments with handwritten notes when viewing a PDF. You can move, cut, copy, delete, restyle, and resize handwriting.

  1. Open a PDF in PDF Reader
  2. You will see the annotation toolbar on top, and you can customize the layout of the tools by right-clicking on the toolbar section


  1. To write on the PDF, simply click on the Handwriting tool to turn on the feature


  1. Start drawing and writing with your trackpad (or a mouse). Click the handwriting tool again to turn it off
  2. Click on the drawing until it is selected, and then you can drag to resize it or move it to where you would like to place it
  3. Also, you can adjust the brush size, opacity, and color of your drawing via the properties pane on the right side of the screen


  1. To delete the handwriting, right-click on it and choose Delete to remove it from the PDF


Take Pen Or Touch To Its Full Potential

You have a touch screen device and your documents. Don't worry about ink and paper. Write digitally with style and ease.

Easy Writing on PDFs At Work

Style, comfort, and natural editing are literally at your fingertips with PDF Reader, and the ability to annotate and write on virtually any document. You need to edit your colleague's work, but it shouldn't be unnatural, requiring the use of complicated reviewer tools or software. Use shorthand and symbols that previously required printing the document out and getting out your favorite color pen.

Carry everything with you on a tablet, mobile device, or even on your PC or Mac, fully synchronized at all times between devices. Edit and annotate with different styles and colors, and distinguish yourself from other editors, or keep drafts easily separated. You never have to delete or re-print if you get an edit wrong, just digitally erase and keep documents clean and organized.

Use any document from Microsoft Office or Apple iWork, including many others. Just open your document in PDF Reader, and you can begin writing on it with your favorite stylus or use a finger on a touch device. Fill the margins as much as you like, and share instantly with colleagues, increasing efficiency and ease of use. Discover the pleasure and convenience of natural annotation of your documents with PDF Reader.

Complete Assignments Naturally

In the classroom, you can use your favorite device to complete assignments, instead of messy paper and pencil. Communicate your thought process clearly and neatly with the ability of PDF Reader to write on any document. Just open assignments in PDF Reader, and you can write wherever you want, in a variety of styles. If you make a mistake, you can easily erase marks and save time, while increasing clarity.

Reviewing your peers has never been faster or easier, with a pleasurable interface catering to you and the way you prefer to edit. When you're done, submit your finished assignments with cloud sharing, allowing your professors, teachers, or peers to follow your changes in real-time.

Take notes on top of presentations, combine all of your observations, and show your work, without dealing with messy papers and unreliable pens and pencils. Students find that taking notes digitally allows them to take more notes faster. You can capture more of the important points of the lesson, and spend less time looking for paper to write on. When it's time to review, enjoy finding your assignments and notes easily with categories, bookmarks, and search, and see how much precious time you can save.

Explore Creativity at Home

Exercise your creative skills at home. Jot down your ideas however you like, on virtually any document type. Just add your personal document to PDF Reader, and you can naturally write on it just like pen and ink. When you need to erase a mistake, perfectly delete unwanted marks to achieve pristine, organized pages. Naturally check off days on a calendar, write shopping lists and cross out items as you get them, or jot down information on a virtual chores sheet for your home. PDF Reader makes it easy to explore your creativity, and write whatever you want, right on top of your home and personal documents.

Use a variety of pen and color styles, and integrate with your favorite stylus, or use any touch enabled device. It's easy and convenient to interact naturally with any document. There's no need to find a printer, paper, and ink. If you need to fill any document, or even annotate on a photo, just add it to PDF reader with the camera on your phone and synchronize with any device. Use it to tell your story and create unique content for social media, or to explore your creativity and practice your drawing skills.


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