How To Edit Text In PDFs?

PDF need some edits? You don't need to use any other software. Read, Annotate, and Edit Directly with PDF Reader.


You Want to Edit. We'll Bring the Pen.

Editors rejoice! Your new favorite red pen will never run out of ink with PDF Reader. After you've marked up to your heart's content, edit the text directly. PDF Reader excels for reading, but it really shines with its multiple ways to interact with content. Now, with direct text editing, use your PDF Documents just like any other document type, and don't worry about switching into other software.



How to Edit Text in PDFs on Mac

Editing text content inside PDFs is as easy as working in Microsoft Word processor and other software. You can also convert the PDF to Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint document if you prefer to edit in Microsoft Office as an alternative.

Add and Remove Text:

  1. Open the PDF and click Edit from the top menu bar to reveal the editing tools.


  1. Click Edit Text to enter the text editing mode.


  1. Place the cursor on where you want to insert or delete existing text.


  1. Add, delete, or replace the existing text by pressing the backspace button on your keyboard.


  1. Click Save to exit the editing mode.


  1. Select File > Save or File > Save As to save the edited file.


Change Text Size & Color:

  1. Open the PDF and switch to the text editing mode.
  2. Drag the cursor over the text you want to modify to select it.


  1. Right-click on the selected text and choose Font Size or Text Color from the right-click menu.


  1. Then set up the font size or color for the selected content.

The text-editing function may be restricted if the documents are protected with security permissions, created from scanned images, or made with text characters not included in the English language.

Do Anything. Now Even More with Edit.

With PDF Reader, you can already do anything you need with PDFs. Create, Edit and Share PDFs all in one convenient app.

Read and Edit Together at Work

At your work, you don't have time to constantly be switching between apps. At the field or in the office, your time savings can be significant if you work within one app for all of your document needs. You already use PDF Reader to store your recent documents, share on the cloud, and read. With the best annotation, bookmarks, and markup features, proofreading and review is a seamless experience.

Now, stay in PDF Reader for all steps of the editing workflow at the office, with direct editing of text in your PDF Documents. PDF Reader is supported by all of the Kdan apps, including DottedSign, and some of the best PDF Templates in the business.

Use templates and e-Signatures to accelerate your work. Don't switch to another application for editing, and save considerable time. Your coworkers will wonder how you're able to get so much done so quickly. When you download templates, they are all directly form-fillable, but you may want to customize them to your liking. Now, you can customize any PDF document right in PDF Reader, to create fully original content for your company. Need to fix just a small component of a shared PDF? Use your desktop or device to quickly make the change, right within the safety of the cloud.

Study Without Interruptions

As a student, your professors most likely use some PDFs, and probably they use PDFs excessively. Because of their versatility and compact size, PDFs are popular for use as textbooks, tutorial guides, tests, and lecture slides. Even homework can be done using PDF documents. If you need to do peer review, edit classmates' papers, or make last minute changes to your group's assignments, you don't have time to switch applications. Use PDF Reader for all of your PDF needs, from best-in-class reading capabilities to annotation.

Now, even edit text directly in PDF documents, with the safety and security of the cloud to back up all your files and edits. Think about the last time you had to export, import, and re-print to PDF. Don't bother with that hassle anymore, and reclaim all of that time for important studying, or reward yourself and your efficiency with some extra down time. You deserve it.

PDF reader's developers are always trying to find new ways to make it more useful to you, and we think that documents are inherently messy. You need to be able to attach things, post notes, images, and stickers. Let your classmates scribble right on your work. Make bold changes and expressions. Then, use the editor to condense all of that creativity and information into beautiful, original documents to share.

At Home, One App is Just Right

At home, you probably don't want to spend your time searching for another app to be able to get things done. That's why we've made PDF Reader perfect for all of your PDF needs. Don't switch to any other apps. You can enjoy a convenient, all-in-one workflow for all of your home document management. Editing directly within the PDF documents is a feature that all PDF Readers should have, because it allows you to take previously made or designed documents, and edit them with custom improvements and changes just for you.

Use PDF Reader's professionally built templates to get started. Although they have been designed for the ground up for form fillable ease-of-use, you can now make changes right to the text as desired to really customize and make these templates your own. Don't pay for multiple subscriptions for other PDF apps when PDF Reader does everything you need. With cloud storage and backup, your PDF documents will be backed up, along with all of your favorite bookmarks, annotations, and now edits.

Need to sign a PDF and send it back, but a small element of text needs to be changed? PDF Reader's edit tools are built specifically for you, and are optimized to save you time with editing your documents and getting them on their way. Don't forget to enjoy DottedSign's integrated e-Signatures, and get all of your PDF documents organized online.

Apart from the text editor, you also can convert them back to the original file format as an alternative method. For more examples on how to use the editing tools in PDF Reader, check out the pro tips here.


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