How To Rotate PDF Documents?

Whether you're at home, at the office, or in the classroom, rotating any documents is an easy task with PDF Reader.


Twist And Turn Anything Any Way You Like

A PDF can be rotated any way you need. If it's been scanned in incorrectly, you can simply turn it, flip it, or adjust it. Even if it's just one page that needs to be rotated, leaving the rest of the pages as they are, you can do it with PDF Reader. You can rotate any document. Did you know that PDF Reader has an industry leading compatibility with other document types. Easily import, turn and go!



How to Rotate Pages within PDFs on Mac

PDF Reader provides 3 options for you to rotate pages within PDFs.

  1. Open the PDF in PDF Reader
  2. Click the Page Edit icon on the toolbar to preview pages in thumbnails (Or choose Tool > Page Edit from the top menu)


  1. Select one or multiple pages you would like to rotate and click the Rotate button


  1. Within the Rotate dialogue window that appears, there are three options of the rotation, including 90º clockwise rotation, 90º counter-clockwise rotation, and 180º rotation


  1. Then hit Rotate to rotate pages

Turn, Flip, or Twist, To Your Delight

You find yourself with a doc, any kind, but something isn't right: it just needs the right twist with PDF Reader.

Fix PDFs Scanned From Phones

"There's probably a great camera built-in to your phone, and ever since manufacturers started including these cameras, phones became scanners. Long gone are the days where you need a dedicated office tool to scan documents.

However, with the advantages of mobile devices came many problems. You can scan from any angle, contorting yourself to match your subject. In many cases, you need to take pictures of the subject in a confined space or quickly, without a lot of time to consider the lighting or position of the document. It might look great, but the image turned upside down, or needs to be flipped. If you can try adding it to PDF Reader, and you can easily fix scanned documents that have a page or two that aren't the right way up, or even if the entire list of pages aren't correctly oriented.

If you used a dedicated scanning app to make PDF documents, that's great, and PDF Reader can directly modify it. If instead, you took images of your documents that you want to turn into a PDF, you can easily import the images into a PDF document, and quickly turn the pages right side up or however you want. "

Fix Special Docs Before Email

"When you export documents from Word, Excel, or other common office document management programs, often the orientation doesn't output correctly. Rather than waste time with additional sections, breaks, and special characters, try using PDF reader to make it just right before sending out to your colleagues.

It's embarrassing when you need to resend documents, especially just to fix a small problem like righting a specific page. With printed documents, it was never an issue, but with PDFs, every page should be in the right orientation. Don't worry though, PDF Reader makes it easy to turn, twist, and flip your pages exactly the way you need.

If you need to turn just one page, a large section, or even the entire document, try using PDF Reader to save time and effort. Export your documents as they are from word, powerpoint, excel, or many other common document formats, and import them to PDF reader to make your finishing touches. PDF Reader can be a powerful tool when you use all of its functionality, ease of use, and useful components. Try touching up your documents with PDF Reader next time before you send out anything important, and see how easy it can be."

Include Charts, Photos, and Spreadsheets

"Using PDF documents to create presentations often requires landscape format for each slide, but what if you want to combine multiple types of documents together. It's easy to do with PDF Reader, and you can easily present without whitespace or re-formatting your content. Just insert it in its native format, and allow the reader to enjoy it in a more natural way. Charts can be inserted in landscape mode, while your entire document might be in portrait. Individual images can be inserted directly into a document, and you can turn each one, or within a section, to the best orientation to give your reader the optimum viewing angle.

Whether you're preparing printed documents, forms, or presentations, don't make your reader turn their head. It introduces inconvenience and can even cause injury. Show that you care about your reader and the small touches and extras that make your presentations or documents stand out. By making your documents easier to read, you can foster engagement and make better use of marketing, education, or legal documents, which require your audience's interest and understanding. Keep their attention by making documents intuitive and beautiful, all it takes is a twist with PDF Reader."


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