How To Split PDF Files?

Master PDF documents. Focus your audience on what matters most. Split & Cut PDFs with ease, and get just what you want.


Slice, Segment, Shorten, And Cut PDFs

A PDF can be too long, include unnecessary sections, or just a little bit too big to send or share. Discover the versatility of the cut and split tool, to create exactly the PDF you want. Make multiple documents from one or slice off particular pages to focus on your core content. Increasing your business efficiency, there are limitless ways that splitting PDFs can benefit you and your workflows.



How to split a PDF on Mac

PDF Reader Mac version provides 2 options for dividing PDFs:

Using PDF Splitter (from within the existing PDF):

  1. Download PDF Reader Mac version and launch the app.
  2. Open the PDF you want to split.
  3. Click on the Page Edit icon on the top toolbar to see a grid of all pages in the current PDF.


  1. Select the Split option.


  1. You will see 3 methods: Split by a number of pages, Split by maximin files, and Split by page ranges. Choose either option you need.


  1. Also, you can select divider lines from the page thumbnails to set up the page ranges for the PDF.


  1. Click "Next" to save the output files.


  1. Set a destination folder and press "Save" to continue.


Using PDF Splitter (without opening any PDF):

  1. Switch to home page and go to Office Toolset tab.


  1. Click on the Split Pages option.


  1. Choose a PDF file you want to split.
  2. You can choose to split the PDF by a number of pages, maximin files, or page ranges.
  3. Choose a destination folder and press "Save" to continue.


  1. Then the separated PDF files will be stored in the folder.

Promote Efficiency By Slicing Your PDFs

PDFs don't have to be long and difficult to send. Lead the way and make better PDFs by cutting and slicing to your will.

Create Nice, Manageable Chunks

There is a sweet spot in length for any document. Just enough to tell the reader anything they want to know about your subject, but not too short as to leave them wondering. You don't want to make documents too long either, or people will have trouble finishing them. There's a goldilocks zone where your documents are just the right length.

Cutting documents into multiple sections is just the right tool for you to increase engagement. Your readers will feel accomplished, as if they have read more, if you seperate your content into several manageable chunks. Whether you are marketing your brand or telling a story, keeping things concise and short is one of the primary components of engagement. Break down books, pamphlets, catalogs, or galleries into shorter sections to highlight each part, and allow readers to focus on it, rather than skip over it.

Your content is important, so when you split PDF files with PDF Reader, each part is preserved so that you can do what you want with it. You can split PDFs wherever you want, into as many parts as you desire, enabling bulk processing of documents into their discrete components.

Reduce Size For Email & Cloud

One of the most common workflows, enabling business and at-home productivity, is the ability to reduce the file size of a PDF. When people scan PDF documents in, they often include blank pages, accidental scans, and unnecessary material. Try splitting the PDF files to reduce the file size.

If you have multiple files split apart, you can then use PDF reader's tools to merge PDFs back together again, in whichever order you want. Don't be afraid to try cutting PDFs in just the way you desire. You can always go back a step, if you like. If you have ever used a content management or document management system, which requires you to upload PDFs by web interface, you often might have a file size limit as well. Accounting software, engineering, and real estate all have limitations, and you may need to find a way to fit within these constraints.

Splitting PDFs with PDF Reader is easy, and you won't think twice about other software limiting your speed and efficiency. If you need to cut a large PDF document into many small documents, or just need to split off a single section, PDF Reader has the smart tools you need for the job.

Cut Out That One Page You Need

PDF Documents are highly utilized in the business, classroom, and home environments, but we believe that PDFs can be more creative, expressive, and powerful.

If you have a single PDF document with many pages, you may want extract the material from one page and modify it, use in derivative works. You might want to extract a single page from one PDF on its way to be inserted into another, or to be sent by itself. You can isolate or extract a single page easily with the Split tool in PDF Reader. You only need that one page, so don't worry about the rest. Split the PDF by a single page, and remove the rest. You can then use a clean, efficient one-page document for your needs.

Need to re-sign a signature page, but don't want to send the entire document? You can easily use PDF Reader's split tools to extract the signature page you need and duplicate it to as many people as you need. Need to remove an inner section, such as a table of contents that isn't accurate anymore, and replace with a new one? Slice the old one out, and you'll be right on your way.


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