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Eye-Friendly Reading Experience

Enjoy a comfortable reading experience with smooth page scrolling and advanced settings. Shift the page background to day, night, sepia to relieve your eyes' strain! You can use the slideshow mode to present your PDFs as well.


Keep Documents Together in One Place

Keep up and maintain the task of organizing all your documents, simply and easily. By storing documents digitally in KDAN PDF Reader, you’ll reduce the clutter around you, be in control of your workflow, and use less paper.


Sign and Fill PDF Forms Paperlessly

Complete both fillable and non-interactive PDF forms, including applications and tax declarations without printing them. Sign contracts and agreements with your personal electronic signatures to help you go paperless.


Edit Text in PDFs

Edit text content in PDFs like what you usually do in Word documents. You can edit the font and size of the original text without leaving your PDFs.


Add Security to PDFs

Prevent your PDF documents from unauthorized access by using passwords, watermarks, and protected download links. Whether you’re working for a business or are a student, KDAN PDF Reader protects your files at all stages of the workflow.


Convert Files from and to PDF

Convert a PDF file from and to an editable document in Microsoft Office, Text, HTML, RTF, ePUB or MOBI format. The converter can preserve the tables, formatting, and tables for seamless editing.

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Seong-Min R

Content Provider for the Blockchain


What I like about this KDAN PDF Reader is that it can be used at work, at home, pretty much on any device and for any purpose. Work-related tasks are now much easier for me because contracts and documents can be signed with a digital signature right in the app, reading is more comfortable since I can change the brightness and background in the reading mode. Apart from that, this reader is fairly easy to use, which is what I'm looking for in any application.


Walter B

Freelance Writer


The two most superb abilities I really like and find congenial and interesting in KDAN PDF Reader are, firstly it's PDF management software that is able to help me organise, edit, manage and also read PDF files on any terrace. It give me the ability to execute incredible tasks such as editing, reading, converting, annotating,and a whole lot of amazing tasks. Secondly I really enjoy using KDAN PDF Reader because it is simple and very easy to use and operate.


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