Convert Images to PDFs

Galleries and slideshows made easier. Convert image files to one of the best formats available, PDF.


Slideshows, Collages, Better with PDF

PDF documents are the best type of format to easily share collages, presentations, and images. Beautifully preserve your files in the way they were meant to be presented, all together in the same layout you design. We make it easy to arrange and convert your image files into an easy-to-share presentation. Upload collages or slideshows to the cloud as one file, and make sure everything is together.


How to Convert Images to PDFs on Mac

The Image to PDF tool allows you to combine multiple images into a single PDF document.

  1. Download PDF Reader Mac version and launch the app
  2. Switch to Management mode (Click the Management icon in the upper left corner of the screen if you are in the viewer mode)


  1. Click the Image to PDF button on the top menu bar


  1. In the dialog box, click the Add Files button, and you can add image files from the Mac Finder, camera, and connected scanner


  1. PDF Reader provides 2 options for PDF conversion. You could turn imported images into new PDFs or append them to the existing PDF directly


  1. Then click Save as PDF to start conversion
  2. To create one single PDF, remember to toggle the Merge All option. Then PDF Reader will automatically merge all images into one single file. Otherwise, the images will be saved as separated PDF files


Professional or Creative, PDF is here.

Useful in any setting- whether you need applications for work or you're in the business of creating, PDF Reader is here.

Make Stunning Presentations

Professional presentations don't need to be boring. They can wow, stun, and impress your audience, with graphics, images, and beautifully presented information. Use PDF Reader to consolidate slides from creative applications, collate images together into one file, and store in the cloud document management system. It's a secure, simple, and efficient way to ensure that your presentations will look right every time, and play on every device.

PDF is the most popular document type in the world. Don't take the chance that your clients won't be able to open the files you send them. Combine images together into a PDF document and rest assured that your clients, colleagues, and peers can open them any time. PDF documents have great versatility, and you can use this to your advantage to combine many types of files together.

With PDF Reader, you can simply combine images into one file, or let your creative juices flow and make a presentation masterpiece. We've designed the software to be ultra-intuitive and simple, so that you don't have to work to understand how to accomplish even complex tasks. Drag and drop some images together and see how easy it is to make presentations, slideshows, collages, and to collate your documents together for work.

Preserve your Creations

PDF Reader is a great tool to have around for preservation of your creative work. Whether you're a photographer or you're building a scrapbook, PDF Reader has you covered with simple, powerful tools.

You can combine and collate all of the pages together you want, re-arrange them, and upload to the cloud in just a few simple clicks. It's all about safeguarding your hard work, your content, and your vision. As a creative person, or even as a creative professional, you need to know that the tools you use are reliable and can keep your work safe. Kdan cloud is one of the most competitive platforms available, with features for sharing, security, and applications on almost every device. It's time for you to discover what you can do with PDF Reader.

For creative professionals, you can easily create a portfolio and gather all of your work together in a beautiful PDF document. Upload it once to the cloud and share the link with as many people as you want. Rest assured knowing that the PDF file format is one of the most common formats in the world, and that your clients, buyers, and friends will be able to open your files on any device.

A Picture Teaches 1000 Words

They say that a picture can teach 1000 words, so think about what many pictures can do. You can create photo collages and slideshows without needing to be an expert in photoshop or another complicated application. PDF Reader makes it simple and intuitive to combine images together into one document. Because it's a PDF, it means that anyone can open it on any computer, without special software or plugins. You can even upload your finished slideshows to the cloud to preserve them, with the comforting knowledge that they are fully backed up with Kdan Cloud.

When it comes time for show-and-tell, you can send your PDF with an easy link, or make some last minute edits in just a couple clicks. It's easy to add images to a PDF slideshow at any time, and PDF Reader makes it easy to add other content, drawings, or annotations as well. Don't settle for an app that can only do one thing.

PDF Reader can handle large groups of images and consolidate them into one simple document, and many other filetypes as well. It's a fully-fledged document management system, and when you need to work with images, it includes special carefully designed tools which ensure that your collages and presentations are made just right.


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